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Lawyer in DeKalb and Sycamore Illinois
My practice is based on the belief that the best attorney for you is the
attorney that is affordable and accessible. I concentrate my practice on
personal bankruptcy representation. You may need professional
representation to fix your financial life. We're in Dekalb, IL.
I decided that I can help more people and build a stronger practice when
I make my services as affordable as possible. I have cut out big
overhead and big firm profit from my business model. I will work
directly with you as we review your options and take action.
I offer excellent flat-rate Chapter 7 attorney's fees for professional
representation. You can see these on my fee chart which lists rates and
the counties I serve in northern Illinois.
Right now you may be in a very difficult financial position. You may
feel past the point where you are able to take care of yourself and your
family. If you or someone you know looks or feels like they are in
financial trouble, think bankruptcy first. A consultation with a
bankruptcy attorney will tell you where you stand. Make the connection.
Protect yourself. Protect your ability to care for your family. I will
not advise people to file cases who do not need the debt relief that a
bankruptcy case provides.
-Stephen A. Clark, Attorney at Law